Cancer Research in Washington State

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Washington State is home to world-class cancer research and care centers for children and adults. Our researchers and clinicians are on the leading edge of developing and applying new techniques for the prevention of cancer and care of cancer patients throughout Washington.

With the establishment of the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment (CARE) Fund, the State is making a new commitment to enrich this ecosystem with sustained investment in cancer research, prevention, and care, with the aim of reducing long-term health costs, saving lives, and relieving pain and suffering. Action to promote cancer research and prevention to improve the quality of life of the people of Washington is consistent with our fundamental public purpose.

Washington State is an opportunity-rich environment for cancer research investments. In addition to some of the world’s best cancer researchers, we also have some of the most innovative and influential technology and life sciences companies. The CARE Fund is an opportunity to cross sector lines, and fund the best science and technology with the greatest potential to improve health outcomes.

At the same time, Washington is a national and global player on the cancer research scene. With a new federal initiative to accelerate cancer research, the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, Washington is poised to lead the field in proving some of the Moonshot’s collaborative approaches and leveraging the momentum generated by this national push.