Washington State is home to innovative, world-class cancer research and care centers. Our researchers and clinicians are developing and applying new techniques for cancer prevention and cancer patient care. The State is making a new commitment through the Andy Hill CARE Fund to enrich this ecosystem with sustained investment in cancer research, with the aim of saving lives, relieving pain and suffering, and reducing long-term health costs.



2-3x Your Impact

Private donations will be matched 1:1 with public funds from Washington State, up to $10 million per year. A private donation will be further leveraged, 3X the impact, when grantees are required to match their grant awards.

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Additional Leverage

Beyond leveraging of dollars, successful grantees would attract brilliant scientists and additional research dollars to Washington, and further enhance the cancer research ecosystem. Grantee commercialization activities would create new jobs and generate new revenue for the state.

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Washington State is an opportunity-rich environment for cancer research investments. In addition to some of the world’s best cancer researchers, we also have some of the most innovative and influential technology and life sciences companies. CARE is an opportunity to fund the best science and technology with the greatest potential to improve health outcomes.

Interested in learning more about becoming a contributor to the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment? Please contact Laura Flores Cantrell for more information, and to discuss your specific interests in this work.


CARE’s Distinguished Researcher Program is focused on bringing the best researchers to Washington by matching an organization’s recruitment efforts up to $500,000.
CARE’s Breakthrough Research Program is intent on funding innovative approaches that have a high potential for transformational breakthrough in cancer research. Launched in January 2018, CARE will provide nearly $13 million per grant award, over five years.